ASSI Stories is a multimedia storytelling project for Australian South Sea Islanders to explore heritage, identity and story through video, photography and a website. Australian South Sea Islanders Secretariat Inc, Brisbane, is the major project partner ( in collaboration with Creative Producer and Filmmaker Amie Batalibasi (

ASSI Stories is a community storytelling project where ASSI community members will be invited to attend media workshops in Brisbane throughout 2014, to learn how to turn their story into a video or photo story. Workshops will be lead by Melbourne-based Australian Solomon Islander filmmaker Amie Batalibasi in partnership with the Australian South Sea Islanders Secretariat Inc. (Brisbane). At the end of the project, the videos and photos produced by project participants will be presented in a public screening event in Brisbane.

Although the main project is based in Brisbane, other ASSI community and groups based in regional areas (eg. Townsville, Cairns etc) will be able to contribute to the ASSI Stories project via the project website (still in development) and the Facebook page ( They will be able to participate by sharing stories, photos and videos online.

The ASSI Stories project is funded by the Australian Council for the Arts.

Please join us for information sessions in Brisbane in March:

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Guest speakers and advocacy - may attract a fee for service with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

ASSI run workshops-may attract a fee for service with a minimum of 4 weeks notice.