Phyllis Corowa at her home in Chinderah
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The History

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The first national body representing Australian South Sea Islanders was
established by a group of first descendants at Tweed Heads in 1975. The
name adopted was the Australian South Sea Islanders United Council,
(ASSIUC) some of the founding members were the late Robert (Zane)
Corowa founding President, his wife Phyllis Corowa, Faith
Bandler , the late Hans Bandler and the late Walter Mussing.
It operated for approximately 5 years and achieved many goals.
Achieved the arduous task of promoting the concept of a national body to
South Sea Islanders nationally and making contact with government agencies
about the history and the plight of our peoples.
The second national body representing Australian South Sea Islanders was
established in Townsville in 1991 re-registering ASSIUC which had 14
branches including 2 in NSW under the leadership of the President Ms
Nasuven Enares until 1995, and then under the leadership of the President
the late Des Eggmolesse.
Nasuven and her team achieved many goals including working with 14 ASSI
branches nationally.
1993 addressed the United Nations in Geneva, which attributed to the
Australian Government push for ASSI National Recognition of August 1994.
1994 addressed the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation in the
Hague with the ASSIUC National Secretary Tracy Warcon.
Initiated the ASSI National flag with support of the majority of the

Nasuven Enares


On 14th August, 2013, Alex and I were delighted to be present at the 150th Commemoration and Festival of the 1st Shipment of Pacific Islander labourers to Moreton Bay on this day in 1863. Historical "Ormiston House"was an excellent choice for the venue.
Later that afternoon, we were privileged to be a guest of Brisbane's Lord Mayor at the City Hall, to further commemorate the day.
Both events were a testament to your organizational skills and attention to detail, Nasuven and you may well take a great pride in your achievements on this significant day in Australian Soujth Sea Island history.
With Congratulations and Kindest Regards.
Jennifer and Alex

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