The Australian South Sea Islanders Secretariat (ASSIS )

Is administered by the descendants of some 62,000 Pacific Islanders who
were brought to Australia during the late 19th century as pastoralists, then to
build the cotton and sugar cane industry of Queensland and later northern
New South Wales.
We act as a national voice for Australian South Sea Islanders in Australia and


Mission Completed! From a Dream 3 years ago-
From the small group which makes up the Secretariat...
'A Big Thanks and Hug' to all the support and help from so many.

Kidnapped worked as slaves ,1/3 die dumped in unmarked graves,robbed by the Government which then in acted ethnic cleansing deportation to get us out of Australia. Either dumped on the wrong hostile island or faced decades of prohibited employment ,apartheid and deliberate discrimination similar to that faced by our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.
We march so all don't forget.




"We Helped to Build Queensland"
Then and Now.

The organisers of this small exhibition would like to thank the following for their kind assistance: John Oxley Library, Brisbane (for early photos); Australian South Sea Islander descendants (for more recent photos); University of Queensland Anthropology Museum (Jane Willcock and Diana Young for photo enlargements of the above); Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Square (for providing exhibition space and important support); Lucy Gunner and Greg Fitzpatrick; Arthur Renforth (photo mounting); Australian South Sea Islanders Secretariat.
Exhibition co-curators: Nasuven Enares and Kirk Huffman.

The exhibition organisers would like to pay respect to the traditional custodians, past and present, of the Land upon which this exhibition is being held and to the traditional custodians past, present, upon which our ancestors worked in the sugar cane plantations.
The organisers would also like to express their respect, love and gratitude to those Aboriginal peoples and cultures who permitted us to remain on their lands, and with whom our island peoples intermarried, and also from whom many of us today are descended.

We thank you alL.


277 Wellington Street, Ormiston Qld

presents on 14 August 2013
a dramatization/ re enactment of the
Landing in Moreton Bay of the first ship carrying Pacific Island

  1. ASSIS 150 Commemoration & Festival Aug 2013 is on Facebook.

  2. The Commemoration to mark 150 years since the landing of the first
    shipment of Pacific Islanders brought to Queensland. Ipswich City Council

  3. It will be 19 years since the Federal Government recognized ASSI's as a distinct ethnic group in Australia with their own history and culture.

  4. It will be 13 years since the Queensland Government Action Plan
    Australian South Sea Islander Community


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We pride ourselves in a commitment to work for and
be a representative voice for all Australian South Sea Islanders.

Through Arts, Culture and Heritage we strive to protect and promote Australian South Sea Islanders nationally and internationally.